The 4 levels of creating a [pikku]picture

Level (H) 0: the figurines are arranged in their “H0/ 1:87-” scaled enviroment, p.e. as decoration in a miniature train set.

Level 1: the figurines are taken out of their 1:87-scaled environment and arranged with corresponding real-world items, p.e. a miniature tennis player placed on an actual tennis ball- not sooo ingenious but sometimes fun to look at nevertheless.

Level 2: the figurines are interacting with the real world in a more creative way, taking the viewer by surprise and often make you smile. The miniature fire fighting unit exstinguishing a lit cigarette (yes, in 2022 there were still a few people smoking).

Level 3: even more abstraction. The picture tells a story or even shows a dream-like scene with a certain twist and sometimes multiple possible interpretations, making you… think. This level is the most difficult to achieve, so look out for Level 3.

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3

I hope you feel inspired, so grab your cam and a bunch of figurines and take creativity to the next level.

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