Pikkukalenteri Finland Calendar 2023 <1> “the whole ensalada”




This Pikkukalenteri comes in 3 different versions

<1>  Complete calendar       

Pikkukalenteri Finland Calendar 2023 “the whole ensalada” – Pikkupeople

<2>  Rounded Edge Calendar Pictures (the “upper part” only, no calendar sheets)

Pikkukalenteri Finland Calendar 2023 pelkät kuvasivut (pyöreät kulmat) + kanssi – Pikkupeople

<3>   12 pictures used in the calendar for your own creativity

Pikkukalenteri Finland Calendar 2023 pelkät kuvat – Pikkupeople


Lataus sisältää 12 kuvasivua kalenteria varten Suomi-teemalla + 12 almanakkasivua + kanssilehti + back cover +

pdf-file missä koko kalenteri ready-to-print-pdf-tilastona kaksisivuseen tulostukseen.

The download contains 12 picture-sheets sized 42x 29.7cm with rounded corner- pictures.
Additionally you receive 12 calendar month sheets with rounded corners,
design made by – well, me.
I hope you like it!

To round things up, there’s a cover sheet and a back cover.

The slide show gives you a good impression of the product, but each individual picture can be also found individually following the according link below:


Tammikuu – January: https://pikkupeople.com/tuote/datapilkkija-phishermans-phriend-no-1/
Helmikuu – February: https://pikkupeople.com/tuote/korvapuusti-no-3/
Maaliskuu – March https://pikkupeople.com/tuote/viljelijat/
Huhtikuu – April https://pikkupeople.com/tuote/koivuhiihtaja-cross-birch-skier-no-3/
Toukokuu – May https://pikkupeople.com/tuote/vappu-no-1/
Kesäkuu – June https://pikkupeople.com/tuote/kesapiirakka/
Heinäkuu – July https://pikkupeople.com/tuote/brushwood/
Elokuu – August https://pikkupeople.com/tuote/parkdeck-no-2/
Syyskuu – September https://pikkupeople.com/tuote/kaydaan-sienessa-no-2/
Lokakuu – October https://pikkupeople.com/tuote/kapy/
Marraskuu – November https://pikkupeople.com/tuote/saunavalo-shine-a-sauna-light-no-2/
Joulukuu – December https://pikkupeople.com/tuote/neulaset-kuusen-alla-no-1/

As usual, please note that

no physical product will be shipped and any frame that might be  visible  frame is not included.
– This listing is for an instant digital download only.
– Colors may vary slightly due to different color monitors and printers.
– This purchase price is variable according to your purpose.
– No refunds due to the product being an instant download, but I am happy to help should there be any issues.
– All artwork is made by and copyright of Pikkupeople.com/ Valokulta

Additional information

I want to use the picture for

Personal Use Only


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